Award #24 – Worst minifigure of the year

It’s Xmas Eve and the penultimate day of this years awards. I got to say it’s been a rollercoaster awards this year with some very eyebrow raising picks. I think having a large panel for 2016 will make the awards better I feel. So on to todays pick with the worst minifigure of 2016, I think it’s first time the panel have nearly all agreed upon.

Adam – Professor Fink –  Simpsons Series 2

 Poor printing and an awkward head makes this a iffy minifigure.

Chris –  Professor Fink –  Simpsons Series 2

This was a coin-flip between two minifigures from The Simpsons Series 2 collection. Professor Frink has some of the worst leg printing that I’ve ever seen on a LEGO minifigure; a white labcoat printed over pink trousers. What we ended up with is a crisp white on the torso and maroon on the legs. Horrible stuff, especially when you consider what custom printing firms have been able to accomplish using the very same parts (beautiful crisp whites on any colour). Comic Book Guy on the other hand has great printing but sadly they chose to print his rotundness onto the torso, rather than give him a molded stomach piece attached to his head, like Bombur the Dwarf from The Hobbit. The results here look terrible. The result of the coin-flip; Professor Frink. Must try harder LEGO.

Luc – The Simpsons Series 2

I’d rather buy Duplo.

Séb –  Comic Book Guy –  Simpsons Series 2

It’s quite often very hard picking a ‘worst’ anything in LEGO, but I had to choose and decided after browsing the year’s offerings that Comic Book Guy was possibly the worst. I’m being really picky here, but the lack of a fat stomach makes him look really odd and not actually the exact way his character is meant to. They could have given him a stomach accessory like Bombur from the Hobbit which fattens him out a bit but they didn’t so for that reason: Worst. Minifigure. Ever. (At least from 2015).

Richard –  Professor Fink –  Simpsons Series 2

Worse printing ever as Comic Book Guy would say but then he was no better, I think the second series left a lot to be desired and its why stores are still trying to shift them and I reckon it will be the last we see of The Simpsons for now.

This year’s Worst minifigure of the year –   Professor Fink –  Simpsons Series 2



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One thought on “Award #24 – Worst minifigure of the year

  • 24/12/2015 at 21:39

    Not into these weird head minifigs, the Simpsons ones both series 1 and 2 are the only collectable sets I haven’t bothered with! If the rumoured Disney ones are true I hope they don’t follow this model


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