Award #7 – Overall set of the year

Ok it’s the first major award of 2015. This is where our judges pick what they think is the overall set of the year and their reason why. Usually the winner comes from the £100 or over category but you never know. So, Keith opted not to pick his favourite set of the year (?!) which left 3 others and myself. Next year I will be picking a bigger panel of judges, so if you think you fancy having a go at being on the panel next Christmas then make sure to get in touch autumn 2016. Right, back to the first big vote. With Keith’s no vote it left me with three sets to pick from. Is the one we picked the right one? Let us know below.

Adam –  Temple of Airjitzu

For me the Temple of Airjitzu is set of the year. Not only does it mark a change in the sort of sets which get UCS type releases, but it just looks amazing and is filled with detail, cool-looking minifigures and has playability combined with a hefty build.

Luc – Birds

I don’t think any other set this year has so fully captured what building and creating with LEGO is about in the way Birds has. A lesson in technique for young builders, a lesson in style and presentation for the experienced, and not a stud-shooter in sight!

Séb –  Creator Ferris Wheel

It just looks amazing, and unlike Wall-E wasn’t subject to unfortunate recalls and fan scrutiny, so has had a smooth ride into the top for me. Please let me be voting for a new Grand Carousel in next year’s polls… that’s my prediction for 2016 anyway!

Richard – Temple of Airjitzu

So I have to admit I have been a little shocked with my fellow panel in some of their choices this year but that is why we work on ‘most votes wins’ and is also why LEGO has such a universal appeal, as what one person loves another does not. So, I had Birds, Ferris Wheel and Temple of Airjitzu to pick from. Are these the best three sets of 2015; my view is no. I already said the Arcos and Kwik-E-Mart are awesome sets and the fact neither got a vote is shocking. Birds is good but it should not be in the top 5 of best sets of 2015. I think the Ferris Wheel is overpriced for what it is, so that left me with the Temple of Airjitzu. An awesome set as I said yesterday and defo in my top 3 sets of 2015, but for me would only finish 3rd. Personally my fave set for 2015 is the Arcos which is by far the hardest set I’ve ever built. Closely followed by the Kwik-E-Mart – a set so jam-packed with features it’s mind blowing. However, I have to cast the deciding vote, so this year’s winner with the most votes is the Temple of Airjitzu.


This year’s overall set of the year – Temple of Airjitzu




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4 thoughts on “Award #7 – Overall set of the year

  • 07/12/2015 at 16:51

    Wow no Kwik E Mart!? Again the Temples a great set but the fact that I only care for the build and not the theme or minifigures has stopped me from buying it and puts the Kwik E Mart over the top for me.

    • 08/12/2015 at 07:35

      Rule of overall set you have to pick one from the sets you already picked no one picked the Kwik E Mart and I have to have the deciding vote. Next year there will be a bigger panel of judges.

  • 07/12/2015 at 13:25

    i’m not sure i could have actually chosen 1 as the best set for 2015 this, mainly down to i haven’t actually bought that many of this years sets!!!!

    However i can totally understand why the Temple of Airjitsu would be the winner. Playability and a great looking overall model definitely makes it worthy but i would probably say the 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier or Arocs if i had to choose. I love the motorized Technic stuff and my aim is to purchase it after Crimbo and I love anything Marvel!

  • 07/12/2015 at 13:11

    That is because I totally forgot to include it on my cat winners!!! D’Oh……………….


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