Baking a The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Lloyd cake

While LEGO bricks may be one of the few things better than cake, they are only slightly better than this LEGO NINJAGO cake.

After checking out the fantastic LEGO Batman cake from The Icing Artist a few days ago, the Brick Fanatics team have been trawling The Icing Artist’s YouTube channel and salivating at the possibilities. Naturally this LEGO NINJAGO cake caused a pause in all of the scrolling, with debate now raging about whose turn it is to do the baking. Thankfully, for those with the magic baking touch, this video shows exactly how to make this Lloyd cake.

If you have the magic touch when it comes to cake baking – or even if you have cooked up a blackened, burnt failure of a LEGO cake – be sure to share your LEGO inspired treats with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Following the footsteps of quality news media, Brick Fanatics will not make a second soggy bottom reference in the space of a few days.


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