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Bakku Backgrounds provide high-quality foldable backgrounds for LEGO sets, and are available 20% off via Brick Fanatics Magazine

Bakku Backgrounds provides unique, high-quality foldable backgrounds for LEGO sets. Inspired by old school cartoons and harnessed through a passion for origami, Bakku Backgrounds is a Canadian-based company offering a unique spin on LEGO display.

As part of an exclusive advertising partnership with Brick Fanatics Magazine, readers can save 20% off orders placed worldwide at Bakku Backgrounds’ Amazon store, accessible via Just pick up a copy of Issue 12 and find the discount code printed in Bakku Backgrounds’ full-page advert to activate the saving.

What exactly is a high-quality foldable background? Bakku Backgrounds has kindly provided Brick Fanatics with some review samples to find out.

The backgrounds are shipped out flat-packed, arriving in either 48x43cm or 63x36cm clean, white packaging. Inside the FedEx-style packs are the background(s), some protective sheets of paper and card, and the instructions. It’s simple but secure packaging that protects the product from damage and dirt.

Folding out the background after unpackaging is where you’ll first get a better understanding of its size. These things, flat, come in at decent measurements of 60.5x92cm for the landscape background and 60.5x91cm for the portrait background.

At this stage what is also immediately clear is the quality of each background’s material. It’s a soft, matt-finish card, suitably thick with a durable quality that should survive its purpose of play. The clarity and depth of detail and colour to each print is apparent on both sides – in look, feel and presentation, this is a premium product.

The instructions at first look a little overwhelming, particularly when glancing how many steps there are. However, each step is simple and clear, taking you through a unique ‘construction’ process of folding already scored lines in particular directions, in the right order. Bakku Backgrounds is inspired by origami and the techniques and methods here are straight out of art of folding paper.

Once you get the hang of the technique and the lines are suitably folded, the process becomes quick and easy and the end result is a sturdy background that can support itself. The folded card underneath the floor at first will want to pop up, but masking tape (as per Bakku Backgrounds’ recommendation) will counter that force, as well as act as the best way to connect backgrounds to each other for larger dioramas. For speed, we have used Blu Tack, which works reasonably well and, due to the finish on the card is easily removable from it without blemish.

The end result is a play and display mat with an elevated background, providing decent space for, in our case of course, LEGO, and enough visuals to transport you into a different setting, world or environment. The portrait backgrounds have an elevated back wall of 34cm tall and 31cm wide, with side walls that can be angled one of two ways, each about 15cm wide. These backgrounds offer floorspace 57cm long, 31cm wide when built by themselves, with both edges folded underneath. It’s worth noting that if you want to combine two backgrounds, though, you can gain more than double the play/display space as the one side of each background won’t be folded underneath.

The landscape background comes in at 20cm high and 45cm wide, with a floor 40cm deep. The range of backgrounds that Bakku Backgrounds has designed are available in both landscape and portrait and preference will be on the size and height of what you intend to display or play with on them. Minifigures and smaller vehicles look more at home with the shorter, wider background of the landscape background, but anything with much height at all immediately looks smarter against a portrait display. It’s really personal preference here.

A nice trait to the backgrounds is that they are all double sided, offering two display options with each background. There is variety, colour and imagination across the range of background prints available, offering up a number of possible play and display options.

Ultimately, these foldable displays are strong, durable and offer those interested in widening their LEGO play, display or even photographic options a truly unique and worthwhile selection of worlds to explore.

Bakku Backgrounds’ foldable backgrounds are available to purchase at their Amazon store that can be found via Readers of Issue 12 of Brick Fanatics Magazine can find a 20% off voucher printed within Bakku Backgrounds’ full-page advert, redeemable until December 31, 2019. Please check in regularly on Bakku Backgrounds’ Amazon store as stock levels continue to be updated.

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