Barclaycard and Smyths introduce the ‘Big Kids Aisle’

Barclaycard and Smyths have teamed up for a promotion to introduce the Big Kids Aisle to a Smyths toy store, celebrating the adults who buy toys for themselves.

Research by Barclaycard shows that 72% of adults describe themselves as a big kid, leading the company to team up with Smyths to announce the Big Kids Aisle. The section of the store will be full of retro toys, including Tamagotchi, Teddy Ruxpin and LEGO. Only one store will offer the aisle, the London Staples Corner branch.

Toy News reported the event, including comments from those behind the promotion:

George Allardice, head of strategy at barclaycard Payment Solutions, said: “It’s clear from our research that there is huge demand from adults for kids’ toys and games and the need for light relief isn’t surprising, especially as we get our heads back into the daily grind after Christmas.


“With kidult spending on the increase in a sector traditionally focused on children, there is a real opportunity for retailers to tap into the popularity of playsumerism by providing big kids style activities either in-store or at promotional events.

“We hope the Big Kids Aisle will encourage more shops and shoppers alike to embrace their inner child.”

Last year, the market for adults buying toys for themselves grew three times faster than the overall toy market, to £300 million. Smyths has been selling products that appeal to adult toy fans for some years, including Ultimate Collector Series sets such as LEGO Star Wars 75159 Death Star.

This special section of Smyths at London Staples Corner will be open from January 15 until January 17.


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