Because I’m worth it, LEGO L’Oréal Tatooine

We like to see some humour every now and again on Brick Fanatics, it would be a pretty dull world if all we discussed LEGO Dimensions all day…………….(Adam throws large brick in my general direction). 😛

So this made me smile. I am not getting caught up hype with Episode VII, but it is good to know that even Luke Skywalker can have a bad hair day, this is an old MOC from 2012 by Flickr user Marc Mateos who had this to say:

“Even though he has to go out and fight the whole Empire, Luke Skywalker is challenged to be always perfect. And even more so with the arid climate of Tatooine, that leaves his hair like a mop.

So much so, that before leaving home he always does two things: puts his lightsaber to charge and smoothes the bob.

Why? Well, because Luke’s worth it.”



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