Become the LEGO knight you always wanted with this 3D-printed helmet

If you’ve got a dragon that needs slaying but need some plastic protection, then one fan has the answer with a 3D-printed LEGO knight helmet.

LEGO Castle lovers are in for a treat with this latest LEGO creation, offering a look at a human scale LEGO Knight helmet and demonstrating the build process in a new video.

Agepbiz uploaded the video to YouTube and is the man behind the helmet. The video shows exactly how this project came to be, starting with opening a 71000 Series 9 Collectible Minifigures pack. Inside the pack is a knight minifigure, where the helmet is built and taken to be scanned.

The helmet is then scanned at two angles with two pictures being taken. This allows a computer to construct a 3D representation of the pictures, which can then be printed on a 3D printer.

To make sure the measurements are correct, a smaller test print is made first, still just small enough to be worn by the LEGO knight minifigure. 255 hours later and the full helmet is finished, big enough to be worn be agepbiz himself.

As amazing (and no doubt expensive) as the design is, the files for this project will not be shared as it an unauthorized personal project. However, LEGO fans can still delight in the possibility of a fully wearable LEGO armour set.

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