Behind the scenes of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie 70620 NINJAGO City

Earlier today, images of 70620 NINJAGO City were released online – and now, so has a look behind the scenes of the largest set from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie range.

Yahoo has an exclusive look at concept art that was used to design 70620 NINJAGO City, with comments from the LEGO designers behind the set, Nicolaas Vás and Christopher Leslie Stamp.

“To capture the scope of Ninjago City, we split the model into three sections, each representing a different chapter of the city’s evolution,” the designers, Nicolaas Vás and Christopher Leslie Stamp, explain in the set’s notes. “However, this led to the challenge of blending the levels together into a complete model. For example, we positioned the tower further back on the model, to give the impression of it rising from behind the buildings.”

The set contains a whopping 4,867 pieces and is due for release on September 1, 2017. It will be available exclusively from LEGO Stores and with a price tag of  £259.99. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie sets is due for release on September 22.



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