Benny’s Postal Service

It’s another great Benny build today as the beloved spaceman makes his latest mission delivering the post

In the spirit of the Royal Mail and the Pony Express there still seems to need for delivering mail in physical letter form even though it was expected that email would have made the need for this redundant a long time ago.

Benny’s latest venture has led him to meet this continued need and he took time out to design and build a spaceship especially to complete the task in hand. Unfortunately, in his haste to get the job done he’s accelerated too quickly which has meant that some of the mail has worked loose from the mail bags. Luckily there are robots on hand to sweep in and recover any lost mail.



I was recently at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and dragged the family on the pilgrimage to the Pick-a-Brick wall and I gave a cup to my three kids to fill with whatever they thought would make for a good build. Amongst the bricks were a number of Flat Tile 1×2 Letter parts and that’s where this build started – some of the best builds begin with a single part choice that drives the direction, style and theme.

The spaceship is sat on two transparent Plate 1×2 w Shaft 12M parts which are really useful for many different build techniques and can give minifigures the appearance of flying or floating. The weight of the spaceship has resulted in the shafts bending which provides a nice angle to photograph the build.

I’ve used a nice mix of Classic Space and new parts to create the build. For example, the supports at the rear are from old sets whereas the parcels that have been dropped are straight from the set 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle.

This was a very satisfying build, but they always are when building in blue and grey.


Check out more of Justin’s work on Flickr, where his handle is justin_m_winn.

Justin Winn

I'm long-time LEGO fan who fully emerged from my ‘dark age’ in 2014, after three children and a lot of LEGO building reignited my interest. My first love is Classic Space – they're the first sets I owned – and this passion is reflected in my creations as a recurring theme. You can see my LEGO builds on Flickr, where my handle is justin_m_winn.

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