The biggest LEGO sets of all time – September 2021

Set after set, the LEGO Group loves to break its own records for the largest LEGO models as the list continues to shift in September 2021.

Two new entries join the list of biggest LEGO sets of all time this month, with one celebrating the home of one of the world’s most popular football clubs and another whisking us off to a realm of magic and wonder.

Greece, NINJAGO City, or even the vast depths of space in a galaxy far, far away, there’s a huge LEGO build for everyone, but these are the biggest:


8 – LEGO for Adults 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona

As the newest addition to this list and clocking in at 5,509 bricks, LEGO for Adults 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona recreates the iconic home of the football club with intricate details that fans of the team will enjoy – whether its the well-known phrase being plastered in the stands or the team’s coach outside the stadium.

As an especially challenging big LEGO build, 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona will test even the most experienced collectors but, as noted in our review, is one experience to cherish, especially for lovers of FC Barcelona.

7 – Harry Potter 75978 Diagon Alley

The Wizarding World is celebrating 20 years of LEGO sets this year, so it seems especially important to recognise one of the largest Harry Potter models that just manages to creep above 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona with 5,544 pieces.

Recreating almost the entirety of the magical street, 75978 Diagon Alley revisits the iconic location with plenty of exclusive minifigures and characters, not to mention fully furnished interiors for each building. You can read our review to find out more, but don’t expect Gringotts anytime soon.

6 – NINJAGO 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens

As one of the tallest LEGO sets to ever release, 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens celebrates 10 years of LEGO NINJAGO with a monumental set that truly lives up to the legacy of 70620 NINJAGO City.

At 5,685 pieces and 22 minifigures, many of which are exclusive to the model, 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens – is the ultimate build for any fan of the theme and you can read our in-depth review to see every inch of this towering section of NINJAGO City.

5 – Creator Expert 10256 Taj Mahal

Few LEGO models can say that they have been released twice. Revisiting the original 10189 Taj Mahal, 10256 Taj Mahal doesn’t reinvent the wheel of LEGO building but instead makes a memorable build available to another generation of builders like you.

Although it may now be retired, with the world wonder living on in Architecture 21056 Taj Mahal, this older creation still manages to live up to the lofty expectations that such mammoth models have raised.

4 – Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle

You may remember that we mentioned 75978 Diagon Alley as one of the largest LEGO Harry Potter sets, well behold the biggest in the theme to date. This microscale recreation of the already enormous Hogwarts Castle includes more than a few references for budding witches and wizards to spot.

Including every major interior location from the movies, as well as some additional builds outside of the castle to complete your miniature moments from the various school years, 71043 Hogwarts Castle remains one of the most impressive LEGO castles to this day.

3 – Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon

You can’t mention the biggest LEGO sets of all time without mentioning 75192 Millennium Falcon, mostly thanks to its high piece count of 7,541 but also in part due to the iconic nature of the model, which recreates 10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon at an even bigger size.

We’ve got a full review for you to see why this build deserves a spot in any collection but rest assured, LEGO Star Wars collectors who don’t yet have this on their shelf will likely want to as soon as possible.

2 – LEGO for Adults 10276 Colosseum

After being dethroned as the largest LEGO set relatively shortly after release, 10276 Colosseum sits happily at the second spot with a total of 9,036 bricks. That number is nothing to be ashamed of though, with an authentic recreation of the historical location that apparently makes for a pretty good cat bed.

Set aside plenty of time to build 10276 Colosseum because, as noted in our in-depth review, it’s a challenging, time consuming and repetitive build where the reward will always be worth it.

1 – Art 31203 World Map

Taking the spot for the largest official LEGO set to ever release is none other than Art 31203 World Map. Whilst not necessarily the largest in terms of size, the LEGO Art set still manages to feature the most pieces with a total of 11,695 parts.

With two new alternate builds for Europe and Denmark, 31203 World Map offers a great price-per-piece ratio and adds colour to any wall, as seen in our picture-filled review. There can only be one largest LEGO set and that title belongs to the original LEGO Art model, though it may not hold that position for much longer.

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