BIONICLE fans still haven’t forgiven the LEGO Group

A recent poll on the LEGO Group’s Twitter page suggests there remains a strong appetite for a BIONICLE revival.

For LEGO fans at the turn of the century, BIONICLE was a popular theme in the LEGO Group’s product collection. It offered a range of buildable action figures and bizarre creatures, with various collectible elements and a rich lore accompanying them. The original theme ran for about a decade, and earned a short-lived revival in 2015.

While it retired for good in 2016, BIONICLE still has its fans – and they still want it to return once more. That’s the message we’re getting from a poll on the LEGO Group Twitter page, which asks which LEGO set fans would bring to a desert island.

The inclusion of BIONICLE in the poll seems to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to an earlier poll the LEGO Group conducted. This gathered feedback from LEGO fans on what they’d like for a 90th anniversary LEGO set. Despite BIONICLE taking a top spot, the wide range of Castle sub themes may have helped to push it out of the running.

At the same time, a BIONICLE revival may never have really been on the cards. Castle and Space-themed sets presumably have a wider appeal to consumers given their generic nature (although their high price tags may also prove an obstacle). Crucially, they can also make use of off-the-shelf elements – something that isn’t suitable for BIONICLE, as it relies upon highly specialised pieces in its broader product design.

This voting activity looks like LEGO fans getting their own back on the LEGO Group for its oversight. To be fair, though, BIONICLE is also something the LEGO Group seems fond of. References to the theme often crop up in other LEGO themes, with recent examples to be found in the likes of NINJAGO and Hidden Side.

Despite all this, we still wouldn’t expect a return to Mata Nui any time soon. BIONICLE is simply too out of step with LEGO’s current design philosophy to be feasible – and if it did return, it’d probably be unrecognisable to original BIONICLE fans.

If you still really need a BIONICLE fix, 11021 90 Years of Play includes a reference to BIONICLE character Tahu. This has in turn earned its own fanbase, showing LEGO fans can make the best of a bad situation.

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2 thoughts on “BIONICLE fans still haven’t forgiven the LEGO Group

  • 07/07/2022 at 17:48

    I really love play with bionicle sets I want them to come back soon and a new ps4 game too that would be sick

  • 05/07/2022 at 15:21

    If Bionicle came back it’ll have to be brick built. But if the proposed SCCBS by the Ninjago creative team is anything to go by, I think it can work. Aesthetically it may not be the same but I think most fans will accept that at this point. Just make a good story this time with unique enemies cause… Well that was pretty bad last time ?


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