Blue horse speaks in LEGO Christmas advert

The LEGO Rebuild the World marketing campaign is continuing this Christmas, with part of the new advert series featuring a speaking blue horse.

A few days ago the LEGO Group unveiled a big budget new advert for Christmas, featuring the imaginative world of play coming to life at an epic scale. Some of the small vignettes that feature in the longer version have extended adverts of their own, with this one featuring a girl imagining herself in 41424 Jungle Rescue Base.

Each advert is based around the ‘pretty cool world’ song that offers a new spin on What a Wonderful World, with this character singing: “A stomping sound, but what’s the source? It’s headed this way. Is that my horse?”

LEGO Friends returned to the jungle for this year’s summer subtheme, which is centred around 41424 Jungle Rescue Base.

“Our new campaign is a celebration of the creative power and optimism that children possess,” says the LEGO Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Julia Goldin. “We’ve seen so many families building together this year, giving parents a chance to experience and appreciate how children can build, unbuild and rebuild the world around them using LEGO bricks. We want to inspire people of all ages to play and unleash their creativity this holiday season.”

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