Brand building and creativity key to the LEGO Group’s marketing

The LEGO Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Julia Goldin, has highlighted some of the skills marketers may be missing that are needed to build brands and create long-term value.

For a company like the LEGO Group, there is more to marketing than just creating awareness of a new product. The LEGO name must also continue to resonate and be respected by multiple generations, with initiatives such as Rebuild the World part of a broad marketing strategy intended to create long-term value.

Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin tells WARC that there is a skill gab in the current generation of marketers. “We need to bring the marketing back to what its original purpose was,” she says. “I feel that will be a much more interesting career for a lot of people.”

She considers there to be three competencies: “The first bucket is the foundational skills. They are the same today as they were 50 years ago, and I believe they’ll be the same 50 years from now – for example, obsession with the audience and real customer-centricity.”

The other two buckets are brand-building, which she believes is about bringing value to experiences with the products as well as creative marketing campaigns, and creativity, which she considers to be “a real combination of art and science … You can’t just be fully rational and logical, there’s always a bit of magic that you need to be able to bring to create really interesting, innovative solutions.”

Rebuild the World recently launched to engage consumers with the LEGO brand and encourage more people to link the company with creativity.

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