Brick Big Ben under maintenance at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

It’s another case of bricks imitating life at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort as the Miniland Big Ben undergoes maintenance.

Elizabeth Tower, commonly known by the name of the bell – Big Ben, is undergoing maintenance for a period of four years. During that time, the bell will not chime which has caused plenty of news and controversy. The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort team decided to take the opportunity to do some mini-repairs in the London section of Miniland.

More information has been provided on the brick based restoration:

In an entertaining imitation of its real life counterpart, LEGOLAND® will also be silencing the daily chimes from Miniland’s 3m tall Elizabeth Tower. However, it will be music to visitors’ ears to hear that the mini-maintenance of LEGOLAND’s 61,200 brick Elizabeth Tower will take just four days, being 32 times smaller than its namesake. Following the small scale repairs, the Miniland Big Ben will continue to bong during the four years of silence from the real Big Ben.
Paula Laughton, Model Maker at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, says: “At 13cm tall, our bell in Miniland may be 17 times smaller than the real deal, but as Big Ben in London ceases to chime for four years we are thrilled that we can keep our own mini version ringing out in its absence.”

As with the public figure he represented, the Miniland version of Prince Philip recently retired from public service.


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