Brick Fanatics LEGO Advent Calendar – December 14

Brick Fanatics brings 24 new, exclusive builds in the countdown to Christmas this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Advent Calendar…

December 14 – LEGO Pirates – Micro Forbidden Island

Along with 6276 Eldorado Fortress and 6285 Blackseas Barracuda, 6270 Forbidden Island is one of my all time favourite LEGO sets – largely due to nostalgia. I have tried to design micro versions of it in the past but always got stuck as to what to use for the rope bridge and rope ladders that lead to the crow’s nest at the top of the island. Then it hit me – Technic chain links would be perfect.

Not only do they come in reddish brown but they also have the flexibility needed to replicate a rope bridge and they look excellent hanging down from the crow’s nest as rope ladders too. I wanted to remain as faithful to the original colour scheme as possible and so I used a lot of blacks and light blue greys for the main structure.

As the original set was built on a base plate I decided to mimic this by leaving the studs on the island exposed as well. I think this helps keep this micro build authentic to the original design.

Interestingly my micro build has 8 steps… the original set from 1989 only had 14!

LEGO Pirates Forbidden Island 4

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