Brick Fanatics LEGO Advent Calendar – December 2

Brick Fanatics brings 24 new, exclusive builds in the countdown to Christmas this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Advent Calendar…

December 2 – LEGO Pirates – Micro Eldorado Fortress

My favourite all time LEGO theme has to be the original Pirates series from 1989 (almost 30 years ago now).  I remember having both 6270 Forbidden Island and 6276 Eldorado Fortress sets and loving them both. So I really wanted to do justice to them in micro form by trying to cram in as much detail as possible.

Originally I built this Eldarado Fortress as an 8×8 but after looking at it for a while I thought, ‘I can go smaller’, so I scaled the design down even further to a 6×6. Usually with my micro builds I like to finish everything off with tiles rather than leaving studs showing but in this instance I wanted to stay faithful to the original LEGO set and so kept
the studs showing where possible.

One thing to keep in mind when building this yourself is to use a flat surface just to make sure all the bricks align perfectly – otherwise you’ll be left with a slightly wonky fortress.

LEGO Pirates Eldorado Fortress 2

Check out more of Dmitri’s builds on Instagram, where he goes by @legodimnico. 

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