Brick Fanatics LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – December 10

Brick Fanatics once more presents 24 exclusive builds from a galaxy far, fay away for you this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar…

December 10 – Darth Maul’s Scimitar

Inspired by the recent release of Star Wars Battlefront II, I wanted to recreate one of my favourite looking ships from the prequel trilogy, Darth Maul’s Scimitar.

Quite a sturdy build but still capturing the lines and silhouette of the ship, I particularly like the illusion of the circular cockpit by using a dish on top and then a 2×2 round plate with rounded bottom underneath.

One thing to note is that the dark bluish grey flags are quite a rare part so you could substitute all of the dark bluish grey parts for light bluish grey. It would still look good but I just prefer the sleekness that the dark grey adds.

More of Dimitri’s work can be found on his Instagram profile under the alias @legodimnico.

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