Brick Fanatics LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – December 19

Brick Fanatics once more presents 24 exclusive builds from a galaxy far, far away for you this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar…

December 19 – TIE Interceptor / N-1 Naboo Starfighter Ugly

The cornerstone of many a pirate fleet, Uglies are the leftover bits from crashed starfighters welded together to form some unlikely alliances. Sometimes these are more dangerous to the pilots inside them than those they are attacking, but they have high shock value.

This one is a mash-up of an N-1 Naboo Starfighter and a TIE Interceptor, you could call it an Naboo Interceptor or should than be an N-1 TIE?

Microscale LEGO starfighters are always great fun – the TIE wing configuration uses a 2×1 with bar plate for two attachments, one to attach to the other half of the wing and one to connect to the main body.

The inverse is also possible of course, a TIE cockpit with N-1 engines (the engines are held on with a friction pinch). The models can even be taken apart and put back together in their original configurations. With so many cool starfighters in the Star Wars universe, building Uglies could keep you busy well into the New Year!

More of Tim’s work can be found on his Flickr profile under the alias Rogue Bantha.

Brick Fanatics would like our readers to get involved and construct a Star Wars model in microscale – the best build will win a rare LEGO Escape the Space Slug set. All of the details are available here.

Meanwhile, you can support Brick Fanatics’ work by purchasing your many LEGO Star Wars sets through our affiliate link here. Thank you!

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