Brick Fanatics LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – December 20

Brick Fanatics once more presents 24 exclusive builds from a galaxy far, far away for you this December. Day by day, please enjoy our Unofficial LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar…

December 20 – Quadjumper

The Quadjumper played a vital role in Star Wars The Force Awakens, sacrificing itself to ensure Rey and Finn escape Jakku on the Millennium Falcon.

Start at the rear end by placing two SNOT plates bottom side to bottom side, then connect them with sloped grilles. Add a 2×1 plate into the recess of the plate.

Prepare the base by placing two 2×1 tiles on to a 2×4 plate, leaving a gap between them. Stick two vertical clips to a 2×1 plate and add this, then stick another vertical clip to a 2×1 jumper plate. Fit these into the gaps. This becomes the feet when you turn it over on to the clips. Take two more SNOT plates, but this time connect them with an engine piece.

Now prepare the four engines. Take a 1×1 plate with light holder (this is how we’ll connect the engines to the body later) and connect a Technic tube to either side. A horizontal clip to all of the orange tubes, and just two of the grey tubes, paying attention to which way the light holder is facing. A 1×1 tile clips into just two of the ends, again paying attention to the picture, as these are the fins on the top rear of the ship.

Attach the two bottom engines to the rear of the 2×4 plate used for the legs. The grille section can be added to the rear end, the other towards the front. Add 1×1 tiles with rounded ends on to the grille section. The top engines are then connected into the recess left in the middle. This is covered by 2 wheel arch pieces.

Can yours last longer than The Force Awakens without blowing up?


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