Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 in US stores

Issue 3 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is now available in Barnes & Noble stores across the US.

The third edition of Brick Fanatics Magazine, the A5, 80-page print publication all about LEGO, is now in stock across 259 Barnes & Noble stores spanning 48 states.

This issue includes an in-depth interview with two of the LEGO team that worked on the Overwatch range, discussing the challenges and opportunities that adapting a video game to bricks sets up. We also have an exclusive walkthrough on the design of 75974 Bastion, whilst our debuting How To section – full of interesting and useful LEGO tips, tricks and techniques – includes a mini Bastion build, to bring him in minifigure scale.

Issue 3 is where you’ll find our exploration into 75956 Quidditch Match, as we test out exactly how many copies are needed in order to build the ultimate Quidditch pitch.

LEGO insider Christian Faber recalls the day he was called in by the LEGO Group and shown the Pirates line for the first time, ahead of its 1989 launch, whilst this issue we also interview two fan builders who have taken part in the AFOL Designer Program.

All this, plus Porgs, Brexit, Spider-Man posing, and more – this issue is packed with LEGO material designed to inform and inspire. Brick Fanatics Magazine’s tagline is Building your world of LEGO – pick up a copy in a Barnes & Noble store today to see what that means.

Information on how to locate your nearest Barnes & Noble store stocking Brick Fanatics Magazine can be found here.

Our subscription packages offer substantial value for US readers, as well as the opportunity to get hold of every copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine fastest and first. With the savings on free postage and free issues taken into account, a 24-issue subscription to a US postal address works out at only $7 per issue.

Brick Fanatics Magazine is also sold in UK stores and worldwide online at

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