Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 4 in US stores

Issue 4 of Brick Fanatics Magazine leads with a celebration of the iconic 1967 Mini Cooper S in LEGO, and is now available in US stores

The fourth edition of the brand new A5 print publication all about LEGO is available on sale from today in 259 Barnes & Noble stores across 48 states in the USA. Information on locating your nearest stockist can be found here.

Issue 4 celebrates the iconic Mini Cooper S that dominated the Monte Carlo Rally of the late 1960s and has now been turned into a fantastic Speed Champions build. We offer an in-depth write-up on how this car became so famous and create an exclusive LEGO build to place it back in action.

This issue also includes a double designer interview with the two lead designers of the McLaren Senna – both the real world and LEGO versions, that is. We also have a statistical breakdown of 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars, and take a first look at Hidden Side.

There’s also a talk with the fan designer behind the latest Ideas set, The Flintstones, and one of the LEGO NINJAGO design team discuss the challenges that updating old classic sets into new releases can represent.

Issue 4 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is once more packed with insight and inspiration (check out the How To section for LEGO tips, tricks and techniques). Head into your local Barnes and Noble now to pick up a copy whilst stocks last.

Brick Fanatics Magazine is also available in UK stores (Issue 5 is currently on shelves) and worldwide online, with single-issue sales, 12-issue subscriptions and 24-issue subscriptions available.

Subscribing to Brick Fanatics Magazine is the best way to guarantee delivery of each issue fastest and first – US subscribers will have received Issue 4 and Issue 5 already, and if they subscribed for 24 issues, they will be paying only $7 per issue. Subscription packages offer free postage and free issues – great value for a great read.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 4 cover

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