Brick Hearts charity to bring LEGO bricks to children in hospital

A non-profit in Orlando has been set up to bring LEGO bricks to children in hospital.

Launched earlier this month, Brick Hearts is a non-profit set up to bring LEGO building to children in hospital, Fox 51 reports.

 “I saw a teenager playing with LEGO and he finished and I thought, oh that’s really cool that he had LEGO and he had something to do while he was in the hospital,” Brick Hearts Founder Jordan Eichenblatt said in an interview. “But then I thought what about adults, what about kids who want to play with LEGO.”

The charity’s launch was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but when images of people stuck at home pulling out their own LEGO bricks, the team saw an opportunity. “A lot of people started posting about spring cleaning and going through doing house projects. We felt this was a great opportunity to start collecting LEGO bricks,” said CEO Kerri Mohrman.

Brick Hearts has an address for people to donate to LEGO bricks and sets to, on the charity’s website. Once they arrive with the organisation, the LEGO bricks will be quarantined for two weeks before getting a thorough cleaning and parted into sets for children.

 “LEGO [bricks] are something that we find almost everybody loves no matter what age you are. They give people the opportunity to create something that’s already been made for them or create something out of their imagination,” said Mohrman.

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