Brick History exhibition opens at Fort George today

The Brick History exhibit arrives in Scotland today, opening at Fort George.

In the 18th century stronghold of Fort George, Brick History opens to visitors to the venue today. It is a touring display from Warren Elsmore, now making its way up north after a spell in Chatham.

Starting today, visitors will be able to see a LEGO exhibition that follows a timeline that starts all the way back with the big bang. Warren Elsmore’s displays will include explorations of arts, equality, conflict, exploration and transport throughout the years.

The models on display depict creativity from cave paintings to pop art. Builds based on conflict include natural disasters like Pompeii, via Viking invasions, to disputes such as the Boston Tea Party. Other themes explored include equality, bringing to life the struggles of slaves and suffragettes. Exploration showcases discoveries and inventions that have changed our world, while transport covers railways, sailing and flight.

“We love transforming the world around us into LEGO scenes,” says the creator of the exhibition, Warren Elsmore. “It’s a fun way to translate history into a medium that everyone can understand and relate to, especially young people.”
In October, Brick History will open at the Scottish venue Fort George.

Brick Wonders recently opened at Stirling Castle.

Brick History will be available to visitors to Fort George from October 12, 2018 until January 6, 2019 as part of the normal ticket price. Entry can be booked at the venue’s website.


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