Brick History – new book by Warren Elsmore

There is a new book coming and Séb will be reviewing it soon, here is the press blurb: Over 50 years after the invention of its plastic interlocking bricks the LEGO brand remains synonymous with creative and inventive play.

However, we are now in an age of standardized tests at school and rigorously structured time outside of it.

Although children still love to build with LEGO and nostalgia ensures it holds firm pride of place for adults, where can we find time for play?

Perhaps the answer can be found by looking back in time, and combining the joys of creating with an enlightening historical agenda.

Brick History is the fifth book in the highly successful Brick series which imaginatively constructs scenes from real life in LEGO and offers step-by-step instructions for making new models.

Using LEGO bricks, artist Warren Elsmore and his team have recreated stunning historic places and periods, from the Big Bang and Viking raids right through to the Battle of Trafalgar and the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

  • Features 50 historic scenes displayed in a mixture of dioramas and buildable projects.
  • All original material with never-before-seen inventive large scale LEGO models.

Brick History journeys through the most pivotal historic moments from around the world to celebrate our achievements with playful ingenuity and creativity.


Warren Elsmore is an artist working in a unique medium: LEGO bricks. Based in Edinburgh, he’s been in love with the plastic bricks since the age of four and now works with commercial companies to realize their dreams in plastic. Warren has organized several international LEGO conventions, all of which have attracted thousands of fans of all ages.

Brick History: Amazing Historical Scenes to Build from LEGO by Warren Elsmore (The History Press, 2016), £14.99, Paperback ISBN 9780750967570


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  • 22/03/2016 at 08:44

    can’t wait to see this.. my painting of the Sistine chapel is featured !


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