Brick Pic of the Day: 16 August 16


Image: Nick Sweetman

Today is 16th August, also known as National Roller Coaster Day in the USA. I’m not sure if this is celebrated anywhere else, but you can’t deny that when it comes to theme parks, America sure knows how to do them well.

The vibrant photo above was built by Nick Sweetman (aka MinifigNick), who some of you might know from his MOC musings here on Brick Fanatics. I personally love the theme park builds in LEGO bricks and, whilst we haven’t had a newer Creator set from this sub-theme since last year’s Ferris Wheel, some other rides — including a coaster — are currently being explored in the LEGO Friends range.

To see more of Nick’s amazing LEGO MOCs and photos check out his Flickr account here.

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  1. Nick

    Thanks for choosing this photo Seb. I did have great plans for this MOC but sadly never got any further than what’s shown here. Maybe I should buy a few of the new Friends sets and try again.

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