Brick Pic of the Day: 25 July 16

National Parks1

Image: Dan Harris

Monday 25th to Friday 29th July celebrates National Parks week here in the UK, so it seemed only fitting to use this image above which features a backpacking minifig and his trusty LEGO companion admiring the stunning view of the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands.

When I sourced this photo it turned out that Dan (who took the photo) is actually an employee of the Cairngorms National Park Authority and was more than happy for us to promote National Parks week here at Brick Fanatics. Given the recent (and somewhat surprisingly good) weather we’ve had in this country, I’d encourage anyone who can, to get out there and enjoy some of the incredible natural wonders we have in the UK.  Take some LEGO with you, get a few snaps and maybe you could have a pic featured here too!

You can see more of Dan’s wonderful LEGO photography on his Flickr account here.

Are you a great LEGO photographer? Have you built an impressive MOC? E-mail to get your image featured as the Brick Pic of the Day.


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