Brick Wonders exhibition opens at Stirling Castle today

The Brick Wonders exhibit arrives at Stirling Castle in Scotland today.

A popular touring LEGO exhibit, Brick Wonders, opens at Stirling Castle today. It features lovingly constructed recreations of sights from around the world, both modern and historical. The focus of the collection is on world history, making Stirling Castle a fitting venue.

Beginning with the seven wonders of the ancient world, the exhibition also takes in modern, natural, and historic wonders from all continents. Some of the topics covered in the 60 models include Martin Luther King’s life and the first moon landing. Impressive recreations cover the Matterhorn, Old London Bridge and the Aurora Australis. The central model in the 500,000 brick display is a two by four metre model of an airport.

Brick Wonders 2

“We love transforming the world around us into LEGO scenes,” says the creator of the exhibition, Warren Elsmore. “It’s a fun way to translate history into a medium that everyone can understand and relate to, especially young people.”
In October, Brick History will open at the Scottish venue Fort George.

Brick Wonders will be available to visitors to Stirling Castle from September 22, 2018 until January 6, 2019 as part of the normal ticket price. Entry can be booked at the venue’s website.


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