announces new zero fee model

By cutting out seller fees on sold items, Brick Classifieds is helping to lower prices in the LEGO secondary market and make everyone a winner. Here is the full press release from our friends at Brick Classified;

In a relatively short period of time, has cemented itself as one of the premier LEGO online marketplaces. Developed by the creators of top LEGO community, Brick Classifieds was created as an answer to the call by Brickpicker’s 50,000 members and LEGO collectors in general for an alternative marketplace catering to the most discerning collectors, investors, and resellers, with an “everyone wins” approach. Brick Classifieds creators Jeff and Eddie Mack have taken the next step in the evolution of the popular site. In a radical move, Brick Classifieds has decided to waive all commissions.

From their inception, Brick Classifieds showed an understanding of the fact that the high commissions plaguing the LEGO resale industry was one of the main points of contention among both sellers and buyers. For sellers, these fees greatly reduced profits on items sold, in extreme cases even discouraging those knowing their product’s worth from putting them on the market. Buyers, meanwhile, were met with prohibitively high prices as sellers, understandably, upped their base prices in order not to experience losses. The end result is a market that favors neither party with low profits, high prices and a mediocre selection. Brick Classifieds tackled this problem head on, setting the industry’s lowest commission rates and refusing to join the practice of charging extra fees or combination fee-type commissions. This allowed sellers to provide some of the most competitive pricing around and saw Brick Classifieds become a haven for the most desirable and exclusive LEGO offerings.

Now, by instituting a true zero-commission policy, Brick Classifieds will foster an online marketplace that offers earning potential for sellers that is simply unparalleled and the absolute lowest prices for the savvy buyer. In a professional marketplace such as Brick Classifieds, prices are set firmly but fairly. Thus, with no fees, buyers can set their prices considerably lower than in other marketplaces but still ensure they make the profit they desire. For the buyer, it’s simple — Brick Classifieds will be the place to find the lowest prices on the market. At the same time, the features that put Brick Classifieds at the forefront remain unchanged. In no small part due to its connection with Brickpicker, buyers and resellers are widely trusted and highly reputed.

“Quite simply, our goal is to be undoubtedly be the best LEGO marketplace on the web, providing our customers with the type of service they can’t get anywhere else,” Jeff explained. “We believe this game changing decisions is our biggest step in that direction yet!”

Since its launch in early 2015, has quickly grown into a viable marketplace and has been embraced by knowledgeable LEGO buyers and resellers as a great alternative for listing their LEGO related items.


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