BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise to tour countries in the Far East

A new deal will see BRICKLIVE exhibits tour around the Far East, starting with the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea.

The company behind BRICKLIVE, LVCG, has signed an agreement with Oracle and Live Digital to bring touring LEGO exhibitions to South Korea and Macau, and potentially Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise will be the first Bricklive Touring exhibition. It will combine the marvel of seeing large LEGO models with an educational aspect intended to increase awareness among visitors about endangered species, with over 60 brick built animals to be on display. Species that have been constructed for the tour include a full-size African elephant and a Mako shark.

The show’s first stop will be Macau over the Christmas season, taking place in the Mega Dome. Projections relating to the jungle, wild lands, oceanic and snow and ice themes will be used around the area along with themed music to provide an immersive setting.

Ahead of the Animal Paradise tour, BRICKLIVE will bring models to the Busan International Film Festival, an annual event held in Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea. It is the largest film festival in South Korea, seeing 190,000 visitors attend in 2017.

“It is extremely exciting to be growing our offering in the Far East,” said David Ciclitira, Executive Chairman at Live Company Group. “As a location, Korea is the creative hub of BRICKLIVE and it has been the incubator for many BRICKLIVE initiatives since the beginning. The Bricklive Touring contract outlines exactly the journey that BRICKLIVE is going on as we mature as a business and an offering. It represents a new form of BRICKLIVE that is sophisticated and has a longer shelf life. It will feature more models and the touring style widens the audience dramatically.”

The Live Company Group seem to be determined to spread BRICKLIVE around the world as the company’s expansion continues.


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