BRICKLIVE Basel 2018 event report

Brick Fanatics was at Messe Basel for BRICKLIVE 2018, the largest event for LEGO fans in Switzerland

From April 20 to April 29, 2018, BRICKLIVE took over Messe Basel for over a week of building fun.

The theme and concept of BRICKLIVE Basel mirrors that of the UK events, albeit on a slighty smaller scale. The UK’s very own Bright Bricks had a massive hand in this event, showcasing their Safari exhibit, which gave fans the opportunity to help create an upscaled hippo, simliar to the castle that was built at last year’s event. Further to this, they also ran the WarriorBots section – an intriguing take on Robot Wars which looked huge fun and caused many a grin on the faces of the brick robots’ pilots.

This year, the level of interactivity was far greater than at the previous event – more chances to create and build in various themed zones. Bright Bricks had four custom models built with various accessories so that visitors could dress up and get involved, even take a selfie. For Star Wars younglings, the opportunity to have a photo with Darth Vader and Boba Fett was too good to miss, as was handling a lightsaber.

The grafitti wall was a great addition, providing lots of different styles and interpretations of brick art. Build a Street Racer tested those budding Dom Toretto wannabes to build a fast vehicle and pit it against friends on a dedicated race ramp.

In terms of shopping, there was the opportunity to buy new products as well as old from some European sellers such as Brick Fever, as well as sellers from the UK. 75192 Millennium Falcon was even there to buy if the online shop is not an option. For those looking to buy LEGO sets, perhaps BRICKLIVE is not really the best place to make your euros go further – but if you are after some back catalogue elements, then there was a good chance you could find that elusive part, with quite a few minifigures for sale as well if you are into that path of AFOL-ness.

My highlight from 2017 was the LUG displays, but this year there was a distinct lack of them – which left me a little disappointed. There were two outstanding MOCs – a Chinese Theatre and an extended display of Westminster Palace by Jamie Douglas. One other highlight was a lovely Death Star build, but then substituting such displays with a number of official UCS Star Wars model leaves you feeling somewhat short changed.

Overall, I see improvement from last year – the event is geared towards the young builder and the better the interaction with the brick, the better for them. To take it to the next level though, the balance with builds should also be there for the AFOL audience.


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