BRICKLIVE hides LEGO keys around Brick Lane

BRICKLIVE is offering 100 free tickets to LEGO fans who can find a LEGO key hidden on Brick Lane, London.

If you are up for a LEGO treasure hunt are in London, then you should head to Brick Lane and be on the lookout for one of 100 brick built keys. Everyone who finds one will get a free ticket to the event.

Time Out reveals the details that will help LEGO fans track down one of the keys:

The folks behind the toy brick extravaganza have hidden 100 Lego keys in secret spots along Brick Lane (get it) and if you manage to get your mitts on one you can trade it for free tickets for you and a friend. The search starts at 12pm today, when the @legoshow Twitter account will begin posting clues using the hashtag #FinderKeepers, to help you find them.

BRICKLIVE will be held at the ExCeL London from July 27 to 30, 2017.



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