Bricks Issue 7 is Coming

The brand new issue of Bricks is almost here and it’s filled full of wintry fun. You can check out the full details of Bricks issue 7 below along with a few sample pages. The latest issue will be with subscribers next week or you can purchase single issues via the link below. You can also grab a copy at Brick 2015 in London.

The temperature is dropping, and we’re donning our woolly jumpers and dusting off our scarves ready for the chilly months. To quote Game of Thrones, winter is coming, yet we’re not worried about White Walkers or getting snowed in. That’s because now is the time to get out the white bricks and our Winter Village scenes and embrace all the great seasonal LEGO offerings.

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In this issue we start our winter journey by visiting the themed Christmas offerings the LEGO Group have released throughout the years, starting back in 1977. Lucy Boughton investigates and discovers there’s certainly been some familiar faces that keep appearing. We join Bright Bricks as they prepare to launch their annual giant Christmas build in Covent Garden and join them on the Covent cobbles in the middle of the night for set up.

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There is an exclusive interview with renowned snapper Vesa Lehtimäki as he showcases his amazing new pictures for his book, LEGO Star Wars: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy. Luke Hutchinson shows off his crooked medieval winter build while Sam Pearce gets out his MicroFighters scale hoth battle build. To top off the winter goodness Chris McVeigh kindly provides instructions on how to make a tree ornament from LEGO pieces.



If all this talk of cold has chilled you to the bones then come inside and warm your toes by the fire with Senior Design Manager Fenella Charity, who has been designing for the LEGO Friends line right from its conception. Jeremy Williams continues his amazing voyage through LEGO Space with the Space Police, while technique maestro James Pegrum divulges some terrain secrets. Peter Reid catches up with the creator of the LEGO Adventure Books and Tim Johnson discovers the amazing Doctor Who builds of Thorsten Bonsch.

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All this and much much more…

Enjoy the issue and keep building…

With 126 pages packed full of inspirational models and exclusive features Bricks is the premier LEGO fan magazine. With a price of just £4.99, why accept anything less?

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