Build for your LEGO Star Wars Imperial Driver

You can currently get your hands on a free LEGO Star Wars Imperial Driver. Brick Fanatics picked one up, and was inspired to build something as a result

The official LEGO Star Wars magazine has been churning out some great mini builds over recent months, as well as some notable minifigures. Each month either a build or a minifigure is given away with the magazine, although priced around the £3-£4 mark, it’s more that the 36-page publication is free with your purchase of the LEGO product.

This month’s free gift is an Imperial Driver, which has previously only been available in the Rebels-themed Star Wars set 75141 Kanan’s Speeder Bike. Given Kanan was a free minifigure with the magazine just a couple of months ago too, it makes you wonder how well sales on that set have been.


Either way, I love the design of the Imperial Driver both in the Rebels show and in his LEGO form, which carries a lot of detail, and I was inspired with what I had lying around to put together a couple of supplementary builds.

The first is something of a crowd control exo-suit, so to speak – something menacing enough to keep the masses at bay, and give this guy the authority and confidence to handle any social situation as he sees fit. This is heavily inspired by Richard Goff’s technique, which was also featured in Blocks magazine a while back. Richard’s work is more to do with custom minifigures, but he’s a talented builder too – show him some love on Flickr please.

The second build is just a micro speeder. For whatever reason, these guys are often depicted in Rebels transporting supplies, goods or weapons from place to place – almost just waiting to be rebelled against. This speeder is designed for the more convenient inner-city travel an Imperial Driver may be tasked with, perhaps when delivering a smaller container of unspecified Imperial items. It can buzz between larger speeders and disregard traffic signals in style.

Are you building anything for your Imperial Driver? If so, tell our Editor about it – get in touch at [email protected]

This isn’t a sponsored post, we have no association with LEGO Star Wars magazine. Some of us just blindly buy it every month for the free LEGO. You can support our work at Brick Fanatics, however, by clicking through on affiliate links like this one.

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for reading!


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One thought on “Build for your LEGO Star Wars Imperial Driver

  • 17/04/2017 at 16:55

    That mech suit looks really good! Gonna use it for the tie pilot I got in the advent calendar a year or two back (seeing as I unfortunately have no ties for him to fly)


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