Can you build LEGO Ideas 21329 Fender Stratocaster in other colours?

LEGO Ideas 21329 Fender Stratocaster includes bricks for two colour options as standard – but is it possible to put together the instrument in other colours by gathering the parts yourself?

The 37th Ideas set embraces the LEGO Group’s recent swing towards customisation and personalisation by including the necessary parts to build it in either black or red. But of those elements that make up the contoured body, the 4x1x2 2/3 slope with stud (part number 65734) only comes in four colours, two of which are packed into 21329 Fender Stratocaster.

The other two colours are trans-orange, in 10295 Porsche 911, and trans-clear, in 10271 Fiat 500 / 77942 Fiat 500, 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens, and 10272 Old Trafford – Manchester United. Neither of those colours is workable for the rest of the guitar, because other necessary parts – including a 1x6x3 1/3 arch – aren’t available in trans-orange or trans-clear.

LEGO Ideas 21329 Fender Stratocaster 8

That means your only option at this stage is either of the two colours that 21329 Fender Stratocaster comes in as standard. And to be fair, both those hues look good – red is a nicer contrast to the amp, while black is more iconic – so you can’t really go wrong. But if you’re looking at the axe and wishing it was blue, teal, purple or drum-lacquered gold, you’re going to be disappointed.

For now, anyway. There’s a very good chance that the LEGO Group will eventually produce the 4x1x2 2/3 slope with stud in a greater range of colours, and when that time comes, 21329 Fender Stratocaster could be open to wider customisation. And if anyone in the element design department does happen to be reading this, we’d love a blue slope. Got to stay on brand, after all.

Check out our review of 21329 Fender Stratocaster by clicking here. The 1,074-piece LEGO Ideas set will launch on October 1 for £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99.

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