Building a LEGO city – at a smaller scale

While everyone would love to have a huge LEGO modular street on permanent display, many people struggle for space – and small LEGO buildings may offer a nice alternative.

LEGO fans have long admired the modular building series that has been running for over 10 years, which can be used to put together impressive and attractive everyday life displays. There is also the option of building a huge tabletop town using City and Friends sets complemented by road baseplates.

A barrier for setting up these kinds of displays though is space. In an unplanned video on his channel Jangbricks, Bamidele reveals a different way to build up a little city scene, by demonstrating the joy of small LEGO buildings

“This is a completely unplanned video that I have put together to show you the possibilies, just some of the possibilities, using just official sets and official builds from LEGO,” he explains.

Demonstrating how to connect different sets together, he connects the buildings from 80007 Iron Bull Tank and 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech along with two copies of 31105 Townhouse Toy Store and a few other sets.

Watch the full video to see how small buildings can be connected to make a neat scene.

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