Building a LEGO Star Wars baby Porg

While LEGO Star Wars 75230 Porg may look cute, a baby version of the critter looks even cuter – as Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 discovered when looking out for the Ahch-To dwelling animals during a woodland stroll


Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 get close to nature, discovering Porgs – the loveable creatures from Star Wars: The Last Jedi – on the British mainland. Not just fully grown 75230 Porg type Porgs, either, but nests containing baby Porgs too. For the full habitat search, see the latest issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine. To find out how to build newly hatched Porgs, read on…

LEGO Star Wars Porg family build 5

Porgs typically live on the cliff edges of islands on the planet Ahch-To, where they build nests to raise their young. Porglets rely on their parents to dive into the ocean and bring back fish or crustaceans for them to feed on. As they go from infancy to adolescence, they grow from their spherical ball-like appearance to the more commonly sighted fully grown bird-like look.

Use these break down images to build a baby LEGO Porg, then take inspiration from Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 and find a nice spot in nature to snap a few pictures.

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LEGO Star Wars Porg family build 14

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