Building with LEGO bricks is a popular hobby for “kidults”

According to a new survey, building with LEGO pieces is one of the childish indulgences that is becoming more popular with adults.

In a survey reported by Absolute Radio that has been reported by happiful, 1,200 British adults between the ages of 25 and 44 were questioned. While half of them had saved up enough to get on the housing ladder, only one in five would describe themselves as a “saver”.

According to the survey, they prefer to spend free time listening to live music, playing video games and most importantly, building with LEGO bricks. Unfortunately the survey did not drill down into whether that is putting sets together or free building.

Here are some of the activities that respondents mentioned, that have been deemed “kidult” pursuits:

Going to gigs and festivals
Collecting – from comics and Star Wars figures to football stickers
Playing board games
Constructing LEGO (without the kids)
Rock Pooling
Enjoying superhero films
Theme parks

“We’ve seen lots of stories about people growing up later, and holding onto their youth as long as possible. People are tending to get married and have children later, which allows them to continue with childhood hobbies much longer,” an Absolute Radio spokesperson told the website.

The results come as marketers see a rise in adults buying toys, as the practice becomes more socially accepted. Just yesterday, the LEGO Group announced the LEGO FORMA product range, aiming to sell the sets to adults rather than children.


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