Cancelled The LEGO Batman Movie sequel plot revealed

It turns out that at one point, a sequel to the LEGO Batman Movie was on the cards, as director Chris McKay has revealed what could have been.

You might remember in 2018 when we reported that a sequel to the blockbuster The LEGO Batman Movie was in development from Chris McKay. Well, thanks to an interview with ScreenCrush on his latest project, an anecdote explaining what happened to the film has surfaced.

“It was a story about the Justice League and where Batman was in terms of the Justice League now, and the struggles they were going through, as well as flashing back to how the Justice League came together. [It also featured] Batman and Superman’s relationship, as well as Batman’s relationship to a lot of the other members of the Justice League. And Robin, obviously, there was a really great part for Robin.”

“I wish there was a way for us to go do that movie,” said Chris McKay. “because that would have been a lot of fun.” 

The future of LEGO movies is somewhat uncertain at the moment with Universal Pictures signing a new deal to produce more brick-based films. It’s unknown whether these will continue the adventures of Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman and the rest of the gang but licenses may come in the way of a future sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the LEGO Groups upcoming cinematic projects as we sit here wondering what could have been according to Chris McKay.

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