Celebrity Big Brother Trump task sees contestants asked to build LEGO wall

There was a mixed response online after Celebrity Big Brother contestants were asked to build a Mexican border wall, as envisioned by US President Trump, using LEGO bricks.

During Celebrity Big Brother’s latest episode, the housemates were tasked with building a wall from LEGO bricks, inspired by President Trump’s insistence that the USA will build a border wall between the country and Mexico.

In a clip shared by the Radio Times, Kirstie Alley took on the role of President and instructs the other contestants to build the mini-wall. Natalie Nunn refused to participate, saying, “I’m not, I’m just not building the wall.” She also complained about Alley, saying, “She’s a … Trump supporter that’s what’s controversy, that’s why she hasn’t said anything.”

On social media, many viewers agreed with Nunn’s view that the task was insensitive. “I respect Natalie so much for sticking to her views and expressing them and refusing to build the wall,” one Twitter user said.

LEGO bricks have been used to mock President Trump’s border wall proposal since he was a candidate for the Republican nomination, with memes showing him surrounded by LEGO bricks proving fairly common online. As well as mocked-up photographs, cartoons have similarly depicted the President using the colourful blocks to erect a wall.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5.


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