Characters Revealed from Star Wars Rogue One at Celebration

If there was anywhere better in the world for director Gareth Edwards to share more about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story than Star Wars Celebration Europe – the biggest event of the year for the largest LEGO licensee – then that place must be pretty impressive. For the latest Lucasfilm event proved to be a place for sensory overload, as fans heard from stars of the upcoming movie, met costumed characters around every corner and shared their passion with fellow fans.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and Star Wars Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards brought with them the principal cast of the ensemble movie, including lead actor Felicity Jones who will portray Jyn Erso, Forest Whitaker and Mads Mikkelsen. The group shared information about the movie and their characters – whose costumes could be seen in a special exhibit on the show floor.

So what did we learn about the characters that will soon be miniaturised as LEGO minifigures?

Galen Erso's character is shrouded in mystery,
Galen Erso’s character is shrouded in mystery.

K2-SO is a former Imperial Intelligence Droid, re-programmed by the Rebellion – and only friend of Captain Andor. Alan Tudyk plays the CG character, a droid with a little attitude who is outspoken about his feelings.

Forest Whitaker is bringing Saw Gerrera to life, a character who is on the extreme end of the Rebellion, a guerrilla fighter seemingly ‘subtly’ named after a real world figure. The character originated in The Clone Wars, liberating the world of Onderon from the Separatists.

Jyn’s father Galen Erso is played by Mads Mikkelsen, and has been the subject of much speculation. His character is a brilliant scientist, who has ‘invented something so beautiful, so fantastic that it might change the universe’.

Perhaps even more importantly to LEGO fans, as these may become LEGO sets in the near future, a few vehicles were also revealed:

The initial launch of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story product has been announced as 30 September 2016, when these characters and vehicles will be available as LEGO sets, minifigures and constraction figures. With these tantalising snippets of the movie revealed, the product launch will in all likelihood be the next time that significant new information about the movie is revealed.


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