Cheese, greebling and MOCs: new AFOL ads for LEGO House

Three new promotional images have been shared by the LEGO House team as part of a media package, that look to be targeting Adult Fans of LEGO.

The LEGO House, also known as the Home of the Brick, is being targeted at existing LEGO fans rather than looking to convert any new ones. In that spirit, these three images refer to classic LEGO terminology such as cheese slopes, greebling and MOCs.

There will be plenty to delight fans of all ages within the LEGO House when it opens later this year, including the Masterpiece Gallery, which will showcase the best work of worldwide AFOLs. The basement will house classic LEGO sets and displays on the company’s history. The Experience Zones provide interactive building and digital experiences all based around different concepts.

The LEGO House opens on September 28, with tickets on sale now.


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