A child’s letter inspired the new 2023 range of LEGO Friends

A disabled child’s letter inspired part of the upcoming 2023 range of LEGO Friends after asking for more representation. 

Appearing on BBC Breakfast, and documented later on the BBC website, Eight-year-old Sofia from Sussex – who was born without a left hand – has shared that she wrote to the LEGO Group after feeling unrepresented by the toys 

“You don’t feel like you’re represented and there’s no one like you in these toys,” said Sofia to BBC Breakfast before discovering Autumn from the relaunch of LEGO Friends

Autumn, one of eight new core characters for the theme from 2023 onwards, has a similar limb difference to Sofia and that’s no coincidence, as Fenella Charity, design director at LEGO Friends has revealed. 

“In the design team, when we see these letters that have been crafted so carefully by the children that write them, it’s really inspiring to us, and definitely makes us inspired to make a difference.” 

Sofia’s mother, Jessica, also shared her views on the importance of open discussion of disabilities. 

“We’ve always talked about difference and that bodies come in different shapes and forms and sizes and colours,” Jessica commented. 

“Especially with Sofia having the limb difference that she does, it’s important for us to always be open and honest and talk about things, so she knows it’s not something to shy away from or to be worried about.” 

Sofia’s letter has had a major impact on LEGO Friends as the theme will be increasing its diversity and representation in 2023 through its eight new characters, redesigned packaging and at least five new sets

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