Clash of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

With multiple Marvel movies released each year, Avengers: Age of Ultron already seems like a fading memory. But it introduced an interesting concept to the franchise – if this team of super heroes are going to work with a player as risky as the Hulk, how would they control him? The answer, of course, was Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster Iron Man suit. The memorable action sequence saw Iron Man and Hulk battle across a city, hurling each other through walls and crashing into skyscrapers.

The LEGO recreation of the scene arrived last year with 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash, with an impressive Iron Man mech suit that the minifigure character can be seated within. It also contains a Hulk big-fig that’s only available in one other (now retired) set, and a unique Scarlet Witch minifigure. It makes for an attractive package, with a decent build – not always common in the Super Heroes range – matched with appealing characters. 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash is currently almost half price at Amazon, just £16.59 instead of £29.99.


The more positively received movie Captain America: Civil War also featured a face-off between lead characters, as Black Panther and Captain America came to blows over apprehending Cap’s childhood friend Bucky Barnes. The high-speed chase sees the two characters, soon to be allies, take radically different approaches to stopping the Winter Soldier.

Like the Hulk and Iron Man’s fight, this action sequence was released as a LEGO set – 76047 Black Panther Pursuit – although plenty of artistic licence has been taken when it comes to the vehicles involved. This is a tradition in LEGO Super Heroes products, with more ‘toyetic’ vehicles created for the sets, especially with the slightly grittier scenes that focus on more realistic technology. So while Captain America rides in a jeep, Black Panther pilots his jet – which may some fan work to make it a bit sleeker. 76047 Black Panther Pursuit has been discounted by over a third, for £18.99 instead of £29.99.


With plenty more Marvel movies on the way, including Doctor Strange next, previous releases show that the Avengers struggle to play nicely together. There’s little doubt that once again, the LEGO Group will revisit sets that pit two of the super-powered characters against one another.

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