Closing down discounts now at all Toys R Us UK stores

The official Toys R Us UK website has confirmed that all stores will now be discounting products, including 10% off LEGO sets.

With the toy retailer that once dominated the market now in administration, Toys R Us are now holding a closing down sale at all UK stores. The discounts vary by product category, and do not apply to the stores that are closing imminently – those branches have 60% reductions across the board.

At the moment, the discount on construction toys – including LEGO sets – is only 10%, but it is still cheaper than paying the full retail price, so for some collectors it may be worth checking out. The discounts on other product categories vary, going up to 30%.

Dates for further store closures are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. Around 3,200 staff are affected by the closure of Toys R Us in the UK.


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