Combining both LEGO roller coasters into one mega coaster

The LEGO Group now has two giant roller coaster sets under its belt, and the answer is yes: you absolutely can combine them into one mega coaster.

It takes a tiny bit of modification, but the newly-released 10303 Loop Coaster can hook straight on to 2018’s 10261 Roller Coaster, creating something that wouldn’t look out of place in Roller Coaster Tycoon. Reddit user WolfPack36 is among the first to publish the results to the internet, and they’re pretty stunning.

Before we dive into the video of the entire setup – yes, there’s a video, and yes, the entire thing is powered by motors – it’s worth addressing two sticking points in combining these two roller coasters. The first and most obvious is that they have two entirely different colour schemes, and while that would normally be an easy fix with any other LEGO set, several of the track elements are unique to their respective sets.

It means that while these coasters can run on one long track, they still look like two separate rides. It’s not the end of the world, though – we’ll just have to hope that the LEGO Group one day releases a coaster track expansion pack in multiple different colours. The second point to note is that you’ll need a few additional pieces to achieve the same result, because 10261 Roller Coaster’s track is two plates higher than 10303 Loop Coaster’s track.

Once you’ve raised the base of the new coaster to the appropriate level, though, it’s simply a case of finding attachment points to link the two tracks together. Chuck in a couple of motors to power the lifts across each ride, and hey presto: the ultimate LEGO roller coaster.

Once you’ve managed to pull yourself away from that mesmerising loop, you’ll probably notice that the timing is ever so slightly off: the Loop Coaster’s lift departs a fraction of a second before the cars reach it, so the riders are forced to wait for it to come back down before setting off again. That gives them time to disembark, of course, so it’s probably more realistic, but it’s also just a little less satisfying.

Throwing in a second set of coaster cars could solve that problem by having something to watch while the first one waits, but there are two bigger issues for anyone wanting to recreate this setup at home: namely, those of space and money. These two sets are no small investment: based on current BrickLink and prices, you’re looking at spending in excess of £600 for 10303 Loop Coaster and the retired 10261 Roller Coaster.

And then there’s the sheer size of this setup to consider. If 10303 Loop Coaster’s gargantuan dimensions already seem daunting – and they do – just imagine the space required to display it when hooked up to its predecessor. You can get a rough idea from the video above, sure, but it’s hard to convey the scale of this mega coaster through a few frames alone. Simply put: it’s massive.

But then that’s really what we all want from a true LEGO mega coaster, isn’t it?

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One thought on “Combining both LEGO roller coasters into one mega coaster

  • 22/07/2022 at 06:28

    To be more realistic add another car.
    One is riding . The other is embarking disembarking passengers.
    It will be mesmerizing.


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