Cops and Robbers! New Bobby on the beat Minifigure launched

Freeze  LEGO fanatics! Put ’em up!… Ok  we’re not actually the police, so you might as well put your arms down. Instead use them to check out the latest Minifigure: British Metropolitan Police Minifigure by our friends at Not only have they transformed one of the worlds most iconic and oldest Police forces into an awesome Minifigure. You can customise him (or her!) thanks to a selection of Male and Female heads. Simply choose the head you want and add the figure to your basket, it’s so simple it would be ‘criminal’ not to give it a try… get it… See what we did there?

So, while we’re being arrested for our poor jokes, head on over to thier website and checkout their latest addition to their ‘Build your own’ range.

met_police_1_small_1 img01_5_19 img04_2_9 img16_1_56


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