Custom LEGO Star Wars 501st Clone Troopers AT-RT build

Build a custom LEGO Star Wars AT-RT model to bring scale, accuracy and mobility to your growing 501st Legion Clone Troopers army.

75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers is a long-awaited return to LEGO minifigure form for 501st Clone Troopers. It has been seven years in fact, dating back to 2013, and if you really want to feel old, that is also the year those who 2020’s 75280 is aimed at were born in. Yet, it has been a wait well worth it, with the LEGO Group bringing all the upgrades of current detail and design that they can offer to produce four amazing 501st Legion minifigures few LEGO Star Wars fans will overlook.

However, that quartet of beautiful Clone Trooper minifigures is joined in 75280 501st Legion Clone Troopers by two useless battle droids and a couple of models that leave a lot to be desired. Indeed, where the AT-RT and BARC speeder included deliver on playability and piece count for the younger audience they are aimed at, they both fall short for anyone looking for accuracy and scale better reflective of each vehicle’s appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The AT-RT in particular is a standout vehicle in the show, for its featured role in The Clone Wars’ fourth-season arc when the 501st Legion find themselves on Umbara. In that setting, the AT-RT is light-footed, no more than twice the height of a Clone Trooper and generally more slim-lined and angular.

So, taking that as inspiration, Brick Fanatics has put together our own, minifigure scale custom LEGO AT-RT build, and a build-along video, to better support the brand new 501st Legion of Clone Troopers we’ve all been waiting to grow. Enjoy!

The helmet is a custom ARF Trooper helmet created by the very talented Tyler at Clone Army Customs, purchased via Firestar Toys in the UK. Neither company sponsors nor endorses this content, but are both part of a very cool network of LEGO minifigure customisers.

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