Danish CEO credits LEGO building with encouraging entrepreneurs

Niels Martin Brochner believes that building with LEGO elements has helped him to become a successful entrepreneur.

What an entrepreneurial mindset is can be the quite question, but Niels Martin Brochner believes that building with LEGO bricks helped to develop his. “As with most other Danes, I loved playing with LEGOs when I was a kid. I could sit for hours, entirely focused on my constructions, without noticing the noise and chaos that most likely surrounded me in kindergarten. I would disappear into my imagination, fixate on my ambitious plans and constantly iterate on my projects to reach perfection,” he writes for Forbes.

“Unlike the other kids, I wouldn’t use the manuals. The projects they inspired were dull, instrumental and definitely not wild enough. My castles were to be advanced, visionary and colorful. I wanted them to defy, or at least challenge, gravity.”

Ignoring the manual and making connections are what he credits as giving him experience as a tech entrepreneur. “You must be original, visionary and able to imagine something that didn’t exist before you created it.”

In the full article he explains precisely how those early LEGO experiences link to his experience building his business, Contractbook.

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