David Beckham completes LEGO 71040 Disney Castle

Global brand and former England football team captain David Beckham has finished building LEGO 71040 Disney Castle.

Much like when David Beckham announced that he had acquired the popular LEGO set 10189 Taj Mahal a few years ago, the Internet reacted with great excitement when the celebrity shared a snap showing him beginning the task of building 71040 Disney Castle.

He has now completed the build, staying up until 1am to do so – something AFOLs can no doubt identify with, when faced with the dilemma of whether it is better to leave the dining table covered in bricks or stay up late and finish the thing.

71040 Disney Castle sold out when it was first released last year, despite the hefty £299.99 price tag. It offers a rewarding build experience that recreates an iconic Disney landmark, the centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom theme park.

It is sold exclusively at the Disney theme parks, LEGO Stores and shop.LEGO.com. It’s a nice holiday souvenir idea, but safer to order after the trip – it’s unlikely to fit in the hand luggage.


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