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LEGO NINJAGO is a big bang LEGO theme, first created in 2011 and somewhat of a successor to the LEGO Ninja theme that ended more than 10 years before. It’s the only theme to be based on ninjas and is full of design features and colours from East Asian culture.

Not only is LEGO NINJAGO a LEGO theme, but it also goes hand in hand with the long-running animated TV series, to be followed by a movie and a soft reboot. With every new season of the show comes a new wave of sets, depicting the characters and the fantastical creatures and places that they see and experience.

LEGO NINJAGO characters

Part of what has made LEGO NINJAGO such a success is its central story, originally focusing on a group of six teenage ninjas: Lloyd, Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, and Nya. They are trained by their sensei Master Wu, learning a fictional form of martial arts known as Spinjitzu. Each of the ninjas also has their own elemental power.

Kai, dressed in red, is known for his fire powers and takes on one of the leadership roles within the group. His younger sister Nya is the only woman on the original crew and is known for her bold character and water powers.

Although he was born the son of Master Garmadon, Lloyd chose to follow his uncle Master Wu and found a different path in life. He is also known as the Green Ninja and ultimate Spinjitzu master and leads the group alongside Kai.

There’s also Zane, who is the first Nindroid ninja robot created by Dr Julien. He evolved into the ninja of ice and a vital member of the team.

The final two are Cole, the son of a dancer with the power of the earth who was recruited into the team, and Jay, a ninja of lightning and also known for his quick-witted remarks, bringing some comic relief to the show.

Their talents allow them to fight off evil forces in the long-running TV show that follows their adventures. The series covered 15 seasons and more than 200 episodes, before being superseded by a soft reboot with LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising in 2023.

LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising

Available to watch around the world on Netflix, LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising debuted with Part 1 of its first season coming to Netflix on June 1, 2023, followed by Part 2 on October 12, 2023 and a second season the following spring. .

The show featured a new cast of characters, including the two main characters of Arin and Sora. Befriended by fan-favourite Lloyd, there are new evils to face – and a number of dragons to find and protect, as the name of the show would suggest.


While the LEGO NINJAGO TV shows have been running almost constantly alongside the theme, the theme also made a foray into the world of cinema in 2017, the third movie to enter The LEGO Movie franchise.

The movie follows the same cast of characters as the main TV show, focusing on Lloyd’s tempestuous relationship with his evil father, Garmadon. Led by Garmadon’s brother Master Wu, the ninja team must learn how to use their powers to fight off Garmadon and protect the world from his plans.


With so much content to base LEGO sets off, it’s no surprise that the theme has spawned more than 400 sets over the years. Celebrating its tenth year anniversary in 2021, LEGO NINJAGO is one of the LEGO Group’s most successful and long-running themes.

That includes tiny playsets designed to appeal to its younger audience, leaning heavily on detailed character designs in the minifigures and buildable creatures. LEGO NINJAGO also has plenty of elemental parts that capture the various powers of each of their characters, so builders can play and display authentic combat scenes.

However, it’s not just play-centric sets. NINJAGO LEGO sets also scale all the way up to include the LEGO NINJAGO City sets. The first came with 70620 NINJAGO City in 2017, based on The LEGO NINJAGO Movie and depicting a city block with a whopping 19 minifigures. Building on this urban landscape the following year, 70657 NINJAGO City Docks journeyed down to the river, before 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens explored more of the outside in 2021. The largest of them all came in 2023 with 71799 NINJAGO City Markets.


Following in the footsteps of LEGO Ninja, the early days of LEGO NINJAGO were heavily inspired by Japanese culture, but the style of the theme slowly evolved to become all-encompassing of East Asian culture.

The architecture of sets like the NINJAGO City sets is the clearest evidence of this but the minifigures themselves are also heavily inspired by classic ninja outfits, complete with the colourful sashes and cowled hoods often associated with the fighters.

Where can I watch LEGO NINJAGO?

You can watch LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu on Netflix, with most episodes also uploaded to the LEGO Group’s official YouTube channel.

Who is the gold ninja in LEGO NINJAGO??

The Golden Ninja, also known as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, is a legendary hero believed to be the most powerful ninja ever and destined to defeat the Overlord, or the source of Ninjago's evil. Lloyd took on this mantle in the Final Battle.

How many seasons of LEGO NINJAGO are there?

There are 15 seasons of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and one season of LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising.

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The largest LEGO Harry Potter castle is 71043 Hogwarts Castle, coming in at a whopping 6,020 pieces and measuring 58.5cm high, 49cm wide, and 19cm deep.